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Remote Lighting Lifts

REEL TECH is the first and only in the world to have manufactured the innovative Remote Lighting Lifter. In developing this product, REEL TECH has concentrated on preventing industrial accidents like falling off, the convenience of life, as well as consistent R&D for a bright and safe working environment. 

The Remote Lighting Lifter is an innovative product that can have lighting instruments hoisted and lowered from various ceilings where they are conveniently cleaned, repaired and maintained. This prevents any accidents such as falling and electrical shocks.  

REEL TECH has been cooperating with trustable partners. We export our lifters to 50 countries and we have 22 exclusive distributors in the world.


enrich (y)our experience

Lightcraft International Ltd was founded a few years ago and situated in Hong Kong, however, our work is not limited to this area only. We have completed several successful projects in Hong Kong as well as abroad. We are a small team devoted to making every single lighting project we handle a truly incredible experience with excellence as our top goal.

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